Web Cam Update

If you’re curious as to why one of the Lakelse Lake webcams was offline for a month or so, I managed to make it to the site last week to swap out the camera with the one spare that I have left…  When I got the “offline camera” home and plugged it in, I found that the camera was still working but had lost all of its programming and had reverted back to the factory defaults.  I have seen this one or twice in the past – it’s usually caused by a power surge or some kind of power issue at the wrong time.  The good news is that the replacement camera is just ticking away – and once I reprogram the replaced camera it should work fine as the spare.

The camera went offline right before a large snowfall and nasty weather for a month – so it took a while to find a day with the right conditions for access and camera aiming once I had a replacement organized.

Hopefully the cameras will be reliable again now for a while!!