Bassist Extraordinaire

I can’t believe I’ve been listening to music for most of my life but only now heard of Leland Sklar, one of the most recorded bass guitarists of all time.  I stumbled across his Youtube channel a couple of weeks ago and ended up doing a bit more than just listening to his classic bass playing and stories…

He also has thousands of pictures of people flipping him off, which is what inspired this model/scene/photo…

Alien Animation

A very early behind-the-scenes look at a current project…  The animation is what I’m currently working on (then will have to fill out the scene more…)

More Birds… and Goodbye Windows!!!

First, I made some more birds.  Another good start…

It’s actually the same bird, but I rigged one without the wings.

Secondly, I finally have had enough and Windows 10 is gone on my “creative” machines.  Since I’d already banished it from most of my daily drivers, it’s only running on a couple of computers here now (the tower that serves as my “VCR” (W10) and the webcam download computer (W7)).  I also have it on the small computer at Dad’s (W10) that handles the Terrace webcam.  Otherwise, I’m more than happy with Linux (Mint 19.2 Cinnamon) and the bonus is that it’s about 50% quicker doing pretty much anything.  That’s a pretty major speed increase for very little money (actually free – although I did the last two installs on a couple of used SSDs that I just bought from a friend).

No looking back now…  Everything works again (even the stuff that Windows broke in the last couple of updates).

Oh, I did one other model on Wednesday to initially test the installation but I don’t think you’ll see it here.  You see, I build and rigged a clock and it actually runs for an hour (from 12 to 1) in an hour.  At 24 fps, that’s 86,400 frames and a little big for this site.  Maybe a useless Youtube video?

Landscape Detail Tests

I’ve been trying a few different concepts out to build a few landscapes for the animation I’m working on.  It’s tricky to balance the detail with render times…

In this most recent render, I’ve added some grass, the trees, and a few ferns.  It needs a bit more, though.