Heavy Hauls

It’s not a 3d model but maybe it should have been!  This is a picture from one of my adventures a couple of years back…  I had to get my truck and trailer back to the highway side of the river so Scrappy Larry took a break from the Jade Fever reality TV show and came to the rescue with his tank hauler and got me safely across for the trip home (which turned out to be a bit of a trip from hell – but that’s another story for another day!)

This was the “pull” to get across the river in the first place….  The water was pretty high during this crossing (even after watching the levels drop for a month) – but everything, including me, made it across the river mostly intact (although I might have shed a year or two during the crossing).

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming – and Happy New Year, everyone!!

Lake Eagle

This eagle made an appearance in the timelapse sequence I was capturing yesterday.  I watched it fly by the window and managed to find the still frame that it showed up in (I figured I’d see something as my picture interval was 3 seconds…)