Al’s Animations Pandemic Collection

From the start of the pandemic until now, July 2021, I’ve kept myself busy by making 3d models and short animations using the free open-source software Blender, many of which were tests or were never meant to be made public. However, when I looked at the volume of things I ended up creating and rendering (some good, some bad, and some just plain ugly!), the collection had to see the light of day. For those times in the video where there many not be much going on, the soundtrack of “King Crow and the Ladies from Hell’s” CD “Songs of Misery and Hope” (used with permission) released in 2014 should keep your feet stomping! King Crow was a local Terrace band consisting of my nephew Jeff and 8 other friends from the area.  Just be warned – some of these little animations have some or many problems that remain unfixed, and many are just plain pointless…..  but they were fun to make.   Hopefully you’ll find them amusing or entertaining!